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The Perspective Collection was created and painted during the Covid-19 lockdown in 2020.

Inspired by my time ski training in the Alps with James during the 2020/21 winter, pieces are named after either the specific piste name, time of day or mountain peak that inspired the painting. Every painting in this collection is an oil painting.

I've named it the Perspective Collection to reflect three themes that kept on returning to me and my creative work during this time:
- The sense of perspective we feel when standing on a mountain peak.
- A feeling of a slower life and greater perspective forced upon us by our months in lockdown.
- A sense of calm that art can bring to our inner turmoil.

I find spending time in mountains incredibly soothing and relaxing, and experience a sense of calm and perspective that often eludes me otherwise. I try to replicate that sense of peacefulness using oil paint on canvas, to try and share it with you. 

All paintings are created with high quality, professional materials and come framed in a white, wooden floating frame.

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