The Alpine Collection is my first official artwork collection and was released at the end of 2019.

Inspired by my time ski training in the Alps with James during January 2019, all pieces are named after either the specific piste name or mountain peak which inspired the painting.

I find spending time in mountains incredibly soothing and relaxing. I experience a sense of calm and perspective that often eludes me otherwise. I try to replicate that sense of peacefulness using oil paint on canvas, to try and share it with you. This is my most calming collection to date, with soothing French Ultramarine and Pthathlo Blues in every canvas.

All paintings are created with high quality, professional materials and come framed in a white, wooden floating frame.

Click on each painting to see more photos, find out more about the piece and to start your collection of Alice Luetchford originals!

Funding my ski racing career as James' guide is a huge challenge. With annual costs of £30,000 and receiving less than 5% in funding, we have to raise a lot of money each year. 

All proceeds from my art go directly to funding our disabled ski racing career.


Ski wax

Helping us keep our skis lightning fast



Helping us stay steady on our feet and allowing us to thrash those gates out of our way



Our most important piece of kit: these bad boys need to be the best



Essential for helping us access the best quality care, quickly to get us skiing together again 


Training Week

Crucial for us to refine our technique and skills to perform as best we can


The oil paintings below are directly inspired by my trips to Europe when ski training and racing. Painted when I return home to London, these contemporary artworks are a peaceful reminder of the beauty of nature. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed painting them.

"Nobody understands the mountains the way you do" - one of my social media followers