​​Hello! I'm Alice Luetchford. 

I am an artist, Londoner and international ski racer.  


My husband is severely sight impaired and together we have skied for Great Britain (me as his ski guide). I'm obsessed about the mountains - whether for ski racing, artistic inspiration or improving my mental health.

I find spending time in mountains incredibly soothing and relaxing. I experience a sense of calm and perspective that often eludes me otherwise. I try to replicate that sense of peacefulness using oil paint on canvas, to try and share it with you.

I take photographs for artistic reference when we return back to our home-away-from-home, Louise our VW campervan, or back to our actual home in south London.  

James and I have to raise nearly £30,000 per year to train and race. Therefore...

All proceeds from my art go directly to funding our disabled ski racing career.

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You can collect your own original artwork by buying a piece of art I've already made, or commission your own. Look through my portfolio for inspiration.


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