Ski racer and mountain painter


Hello! I'm Alice. 

I am a ski racing, van-dwelling artist who tries to spend as much time as possible in the mountains. Ski racing down them, driving through them in my van with my husband and two cats, or painting them once I’ve come out of the snow - I’m in love.

My husband is severely sight impaired and together we have skied for Great Britain (me as his ski guide). We live in a van during the winter and travel around the mountains to find the best ski training and races.

I love how calming and awe-inspiring mountains are. I try to capture these emotions using pencil, pen and paints, and share them with you.

All proceeds from my art go to funding our disabled ski racing career.

The latest original oil paintings by Alice

Sumptuous oil paintings on canvas inspired by the French Alps. Painted with high quality materials and with a skidoo full of love, these paintings evoke a strong sense of peace and perspective in any setting.


"I've just seen the paintings... and I think they are marvellous. Very soothing and enjoyable... wanted to say how much I enjoy them - a big well done."   


"The colours invoked in your paintings means you can almost feel and sense the atmosphere of the slopes - so awesome. Looking forward to the new series in May."   

Greg - Collector

Collect your own Luetchford original

You can collect your own original artwork by buying a piece of art I've already made, or commission your own. Look through my portfolio for inspiration.


Available artworks

View current oil paintings, watercolours and drawings fresh from my studio

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Commission a unique piece of art for a loved one - or even yourself!

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View my pieces of art which have found new homes


Ski racing for Great Britain is hugely expensive, and we only receive <5% of our annual costs of £30,000 in funding.


If you can donate to our ski racing journey, we will hugely appreciate every penny and will work extremely hard to make you proud.

In the studio