About Alice

Hi! I'm Alice - an artist, Londoner and international ski racer.  

My husband and I ski for Great Britain at the World Para Alpine Ski races. James is a visually impaired ski racer, and I ski in front of him as his ski guide. I'm obsessed about spending time in the mountains - whether for ski racing, for artistic inspiration or for improving my (sometimes wobbly) mental health.

Spending time in the mountains is incredibly soothing and relaxing. I experience a sense of calm and perspective that often eludes me otherwise, and I try to replicate that sense of peacefulness in my artworks.
I take numerous photographs while skiing which I use for reference when I return to our South London flat. I might sketch or paint in watercolour or acrylics when in the mountains themselves, but only paint with oil paints once I’ve come home (oil paint stays wet for weeks which is a nightmare when living in our van with our two cats while abroad!) I hope you find my works as peaceful to look at as I found them enjoyable to paint


DMC HEALTHCARE: 2020 (London)


DULWICH ARTISTS OPEN HOUSE: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2019 (London)

PARALLAX ART FAIR: 2016 (London)

WELL HUNG GALLERY: 2014 & 2015 (London)


PECKHAM OPEN: 2014 (London)

Longlisted for the National Portrait Gallery's Portrait Award in 2016 for their Portrait Award exhibition.

Appeared in Vogue in 2013.